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When you support JWHSBAO you are investing in a future full of empowered and passionate leaders. 

Through experiences like Life, Band Festivals, and the state renowned James Wood Colonel's Pride that is changing lives through performing arts education.

We Can't do it Without YOU!

Your support is the lifeblood of our programs, and our donors & volunteers are the true champions of James Wood Colonels


You’re invited to explore the many ways you can make an impact. Bring your enthusiasm and generosity and we will help you find your own unique way to give, volunteer, stay connected, and make a difference.


Ways to Support


Make A Donation

Invest in the future of James Wood Band  Alumni with a monetary donation. Donations can be made by credit card or check at any time.


Club 52

Join the Club

Formerly the James Wood Booster Club, Club52 is a community of donors who get priority access and behind-the-scenes content, among other perks!


Colonels Pride Society

Plan a Gift

Leave a legacy by including James Wood Band Alumni in an estate, trust, will, bequest or insurance policy

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