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Possible idea for a Letter/email campaign:

Since I joined the Alumni board of directors about a year ago one of the areas I've been heavily involved in is the creation of the formal Development Director position and program that Jeffery Rutherford is running.  Through a small group of alumni donors (e.g. "the Founders Club"), we have created and funded this new position in a way that has zero negative financial impact on the Band.  Would you consider becoming a member of the Founders Club initiative?  This initiative is an important part of the plan the board put in place to re-invigorate the organization.  It is focused on 4 key areas:

  1. Revisit the James Wood Bands mission statement to ensure it is clear in its intent and consistent with the guiding beliefs of the organization.

  2. Revitalize and refresh operational leadership

  3. Modernize behind-the-scenes operations

  4. Take steps to ensure a positive experience for the current members

(See attached file: Founder_Club.docx)

We have/are recruiting a group of 20 alumni to raise $100k ($5K per donor) to fund this program for 2021.  So far, the donors include myself, Allan Rodgers, Connie Morgan Ken Crocker, and a few others.  The funds raised for this are segregated from the general bands operating funds and will be used to significantly improve/expand fundraising activities by funding the 2021 salary for the development director position, refurbishing the the bands online presence and brand (including a new alumni band store), and general marketing and promotions.  It is a one time commitment as the plan is to make this a self-sustaining function.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the final results of the funding raising programs this past year.  Also the efforts made on marketing and communications leading up to the early auditions had a big impact on turnout. Together, these prove a key tenet of the initiative:  When you start operating things more professionally and have focus, you can generate great results that will help put the band on a more stable footing.

Please let me know your thoughts and don't hesitate to call with any questions. Please let me know a time that works so we can review the program  I feel very good about the direction of the organization and want to make sure the Director is fully supported in his work to ensure the future of the James Wood Marching Band!   

We'd love to have you join us!

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